Matrix kitchen by Varenna Poliform

A project with an aesthetic extremely essential, featured by great volumes and wide surfaces. It is targeted for a public looking for a kitchen of minimalist-contemporary style,which should be at the same time “important”, with the availability of bigspaces in which the elements are valorised. Click here to request more info on this product, a […]

Alea kitchen by Varenna Poliform

Alea. Primary form. A rigorous design for a new defining of the kitchen. A project by Paolo Piva featuring ‘minimal’ formal characteristics: to convert every practical unit into sheer design, essential forms, maintaining the highest possible operativeness. The aesthetic concept of Alea is linked to the strong prominence which singles out every composition, every element, […]

Kyton kitchen by Varenna Poliform

Launched at Eurocucina 2010, the Kyton kitchen offers new options in finishes not previously available from Varenna like the etched glass benchtops, doors in glass with beautiful cut out handle detail and pocket doors to conceal every appliance. A plan that proposes a new vision of design combining versatility and concreteness: an increasingly more personalized […]

Spatia kitchen by Arc Linea

Spatia allows the different rooms in the home, storage and service areas to integrate perfectly thanks to weightless light-filled rooms, suspended base units, sliding systems and recessed doors. Click here to request more info on this product, a quote for the design service, or simply a chat about your kitchen.

Twelve kitchen by Varenna Poliform

Cool and contemporary meets naturally beautiful in this stunning kitchen by designer Carlo Colombo. The new Twelve kitchen, designed for Poliform Varenna kitchen company, experiments with “minimal horizontal thicknesses and maximum wideness,” as described by Poliform. The modern style comes sans handles, resulting in a very chic, sleek and streamlined look, which is a nice […]